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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

I'm Back...

Oh beautiful people, its been a long time since I last updated. But I think its safe to say am back. And hey where has 2010 gone to??????
Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas.. And Happy New year in advance all and you know this comes with wishing you the Best the year has to offer.. Any new year resolutions? Mine is to become a doctor in the new year.. haha.. Enjoy the new year people..

Tuesday, 28 September 2010



Just a quick post to let you all know I'm alive and well. Been traveling a lot so haven't had anything to blog about. But guess What I'm in Nigeria now!!! Started Internal Medicine practice and today was my first day. All I can say now is that there is lots more of story.. hmmmmm. I'm gonna have to look for a way to tell it all. Its a whole different experience from Hungary, but I'm so glad to be here. I Have just one main goal to wear a smile on my face ALWAYS.

A little about my first day.. well I felt like a fool because I couldn't answer any of the questions thrown at me. I'm sure this made the doctors question my uni, I'm so sorry debrecen, I'll for sure step up my game. Also I almost fainted today, I guess it was d combination of no breakfast, standing for long and the heat that caused it.

So much more to come, stay with me.


Sunday, 12 September 2010

Internal Medicine

Finished two weeks of Internal Medicine here, still have 8 more weeks (oh boy), but not here in debrecen I need some English place, lol.
Speaking of English internal medicine was hard enough in the sense that, the ONLY day I had the opportunity to do anything in my two weeks there, I was given two patients to take their history and do a physical examination. Its like communicating with the deaf. These patients spoke no English, when I say no English I mean no, not a little English, but none at all. And since I am not so good in Hungarian myself and had no translator (as I did in other rotations) it was hard. But some how the Job was done with much difficulty. It was also so frustrating that I didn't understand everything they had to say. One of the patients even had so much to say. Now even if I didn't need the long story to write out a complete history. Its just nice to be able to listen and UNDERSTAND what someone is saying to you. I mean there is a reason they are telling u what they are saying right?
Like I have warned in a previous post, If you wanna study medicine, please go somewhere you understand the language and if you are like me, already stucked in a country u don't speak d language, make every effort to learn the language before your clinical years. If you are even more like me, and its already too late, suck it up, wear a smile on your face and learn how to make signs and facial expression work for u to understand. Because one important thing I have learnt in the years in medical school COMMUNICATION is key. I need not say more.

Well, well that has pretty much been my week. Working more on my thesis now. So might not be blogging as much in the next two weeks, but u never know something might strike, so stick with me on this journey.


Sunday, 5 September 2010

Eeekk its September

But really where has the year gone to??? Can't believe its already September. I know its kinda late but happy new month to all my lovely readers and you knows that comes with wishing you all the best this month has to offer.
Ooooh so its good bye summer. Bring on fall. And guess what 10 months or less to become a doctor, yippeee!!!

I know I should have posted update about my first week in internal medicine, but I have done nothing this week. Showed up to the hospital everyday but it seems no one has time for us. Oh well I'll see how this week goes.
By the way I changed my thesis topics, no longer writing on Children with HIV/AIDS as I previously mentioned. I'm now writing on some much complex topic in neurology. will let you in on it pretty soon.

Well thats all with me. will in check in during the week if anything interesting comes up, till then have a lovely week, and remember to keep smiling.


Monday, 30 August 2010


Finished My two weeks of surgery here. And it was an experience. Quiet stressful I must say in terms of physical strength. At least It was my first on a lot of thing and was a great opportunity I got to assist in all those surgeries.

I was on call on Wednesday as you know from my previous post and this was the most demanding day in my whole time in surgery. I assisted in two surgeries and it was hell. both of them were open abdomen surgery, so I had to work with really large instrument and being small it was a very difficult task.
During the 1st surgery the surgeon was pretty much mad at me. Taught I was doing a rubbish Job retracting but I was doing my best, and as the surgery went on and he kept complaining I started to get frustrated. Here I am, operating table as high as my chest (duh, d surgeons were both taller than me), couldn't see a thing, arm paining me from retracting, its 3pm, been in the hospital since 7:30am and he just didn't appreciate my effort, oh psst. at least the other surgeon told me I did a good job. I needed to hear that.
At 6pm the phone in the call room rings telling me there is a surgery, come to the OR in about 30mins. I'm scrubbing in and the surgeon on call comes in, I ask what surgery is it, and he is like its a case of colon cancer. Oh no another open abdomen surgery. By the time we were all prepped and ready to start, my legs had began to fail me, they were tired from standing and walking around all day. Then we started the surgery I was retracting and then my sides were like it was on fire, and at this moment, I realized I can never be a surgeon, I'm not just cut out for the job, don't hv the inner core strength for it. well I did what I had to do, bared all the pain in my body and tired legs.Didn't leave the hospital till 10pm that day.
I checked with the porta (don't even know what it is called in English,lol) only to see I had been schedule for surgery the next day again.. This people are Kidding me. Something funny happened on my way out, The Porta followed me, so thinking I had dropped something I stopped to answer him, and he asked me If another student had come to take over from me. Meaning if no one had come I would hv had to stay, and my friend who took over from me, had a six hour straight surgery that I would have been dead if I had to stay the night.
Thank God I'm done with them, Phew!!!!

A glimpse of the surgery department here

Whats next? two weeks of internal medicine.. watch this space!!!


Thursday, 26 August 2010

Go for It!!

Aloha, Here I am this morning, just sitting in bed, didn't go to the hospital today as I was on call yesterday, its my day off. Its one of those morning when I  wake up so  powerless, so unmotivated, needing motivation from where ever, I decided to  go through one of my many journals, in which I write random thoughts and just came across this piece I had written, Can't remember where I wrote it from, or from whom I heard it, doesn't matter, the important thing is I have it and I thought it's worth sharing it.


  • Pursuit is the proof that you really desire something.
  • You will become what you purse with all your heart.
  • The secret of success is to pursue one main thing at a time and a few secondary things. You must fall in love with the basics.
  • You can become an expert if you pursue one thing for a long time with all your heart. Find out what you are good at and pursue
  • The secret to successful insight is never quit. Don't give up, stay with it no matter what. We are not here to please people we are here to accomplish what we have to do.


  • They don't see immediate results
  • they loose the immediate excitement when the reality hits them.
  • They are not willing to pay the price. Everything that is worth pursing will cost you something. We compromise so many times just to be popular.
  • Broken focus because of distraction. They stop concentrating.
  • They begin with unrealistic expectations.
  • They make emotional decision that brings temporary happiness.


    • Maintain your focus and avoid distraction.
    • Keep your eyes on the picture and the reward will come.
    • when you see a big obstacle break it down into small achievable steps.
    • Don't trow away your confidence.
    • Have a good sense of priority with your time.
    • You must take care of your body with rest and proper nutrition.*
    • You must have a hobby that allows you to recreate your imagination and creativity.
    • You must exercise great self disciple.
    • Maintain a positive atmosphere. We must reject negative words.
    • All things are allowed but not everything is beneficial.. 

    Smile without reason, love

    Sunday, 22 August 2010

    Weekend Update

    On Thursday I decided to skip ward rounds and morning meetings, because I was just not interested in waking up early and since they spoke only Hungarian, there is really no reason I should be there. But oh well that led to me arriving late for the surgery I scheduled for which was by 8.30am. The surgeons were so mad at me. I almost even got punished to do an extra week. But amidst all the anger and shouting thrown at me, one of the surgeon made a very important point, He said you don't expect the surgery to wait for you (yes he reminded me, I'm just an intern the bottom of the medical ladder), and I learnt something very important from that statement, I have this slogan I always use to state which I learnt, "No need to rush it will wait for you if you are important". I looked around the room trying to think who is the important one here? You will guess the Main surgeon right? Wrong, if he doesn't show up the second surgeon or another surgeon will do the job, the surgery won't wait for him. The important person there is the patient, Always the patients are the most important people. So yes as a doctor we better rush to the hospital always. Lesson learnt.

    I was on Call last night, and let me just say this, this is my first over night call ever, Yay!!! Oh well all I can tell you is that you dread hearing the phone in the call room ring.

     I was there from 8pm and decided to stay up till I am called, 10:30pm still nothing so I decided to sleep a little and 12:30am the phone rings.. Oh boy, was I confused yes. But I got up changed into my scrubs, and got to the OR, to my greatest delight the surgeon was like "it must be so annoying to be be called at this time of the night", hell yes it is. But we scrubbed in, the surgery was done and it went great at least I didn't sleep off when retracting. At the end of they day, even thou we complain about being called at odd hours or having to work for long hours, its always a joy to serve/help other people and I'm learning to love what I do.

    Have a lovely week everyone. Stay positive and put on a smile on your face no matter what.

    Thursday, 19 August 2010

    Mid week Post

    I decided to be more regular on my blog I'm gonna be posting twice a week, Mid week and Weekend post.. I hope I'm faithful to this..

    So surgery.. hmmmm. Well I have started my surgery rotations and I'm three days into to It. Haven't done/seen anything out of the ordinary except watch surgeries. As medical students/interns your job in the OR is to retract during surgeries. Monday and Tuesday I wasn't scheduled for any surgery. Today however I was scheduled for an adrenal surgery. But the surgeon said he didn't need my help I could just stand and watch. In a way I was glad, because I was so sleepy and was wondering how I was gonna survive retracting. But at the same time I was disappointed. As an Intern all you always want to do is keep busy,you alway want to be given something to do. I wonder why?

    Scrubbing in for surgery.
    Retracting is basically holding open the body cavity during surgeries.


    Saturday, 14 August 2010

    Time off

    What do you do when you have some time off those medical books? ?
    I went on a road trip with some of my friends. We went to a nearby city about 19km from debrecen, Hadjuszoboszlo. They have one of the largest mineral water spa in Europe, and an awesome water park. I had an amazing time, went on all the rides in the park. I was like a 12yr old kid today, had a blast!!!

    my friends

    I really needed this in my life right now. Needed to get away from all this medicine stuffs and the city that reminds me of it all ;-)). 

    The journey still continues. it must continue :-)


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    Thursday, 12 August 2010

    Done with Neurology

    It was four weeks of hell in practice and studying, one week of full on studying like crazy, one day of the most intense exam I have ever done, 3 days post of constant sleep and I am finally done WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO. But let me just say this I did learn a lot, about myself, about different places in the world and most of all I learnt neurology. Also I grew as a person, during this four weeks, made new friends and had a blast. My exam was a big success, *grateful!!!

    I mention that I learnt a lot about different places in the world. Well during Neurology practise it wasn't all neuro. Each one of us doing the practise were given a research paper to present each moring during the morning meetings and also after your presentation you had to talk about were
    you are from. It could be about places in your city, festivals, the food, the culture just any thing. And my Uni being one of the most international uni's I know, trust me it was 4 week of learning a lot from different places.

    Here are some pictures I presented from Nigeria..

    Yankari game reserve 

    Calabar festival

    Argungu fishing festival

     that's a pic of  my friend and I

    Now on to the next rotation which is surgery. Will be doing two weeks of surgery in debrecen and four weeks in the UK. I'm excited and ready for the new challenges as I would be stepping out of my comfort zone, which is being here in debrecen, where I have been for over five years, to a totally new environment. Would I be welcomed? Would the people be nice? would I be able to handle life in a big city?  would I enjoy my time there? most of all would I learn? Stay with me on this Blog to find out. I promise much more blogging and pictures too, if I can.

    Have you checked out my new feature?? get going


    Sunday, 25 July 2010

    One Week in the ICU

    This image shows a Intensive Care Unit.Image via Wikipedia
    Just spent the past week in the intensive care unit in neurology. It was a heck of a week. So many ups and downs. But I survived it. What doesn't break you only makes you stronger, I guess.

    Well I'll start with the Ups. We were all given patients on the first day in the ICU. We had to follow up their daily progress or decline..  I had a female patient and long story short by day four she was transferred to the female ward. This means she improved. Was so cool to be given your own patient and basically follow up. Everyday you walk into the ward with so much hope, hopping that your patient  has improved, and it gladden my heart when day in, each day I watched her improve. I can only Imagine how doctors feel when there patients get better. Trust me its one of the best feelings in the world.

    I've also had so many downs this past week. I just got so fed up of everything that I just wanted to pack my things, quit and leave. I had, had enough of all the stress of reading (and not remembering most of what I read). It hasn't been easy juggling practice and reading.
    On the other hand while my patient got better I also watch so many other patients deteriorate or show no improvement. It was too much dealing with this emotionally, having so much sympathy. Which I am not supposed to as a doctor. show empathy but not sympathy, that's the rule. But on the other hand I am human and I can't always numb my feelings.
    Also dealing with being away from home. I miss my family so much and this is my first summer away from home ever. And since I had no break between my fifth year and beginning my 6th year I am physically exhausted. Plus the heat is blazing here.. wow!!!!

    Well I had to deal with all this this past week. and It has been one of my most trying weeks yet in this Journey. But I'm still going, still pushing. If it takes hard work to get to the finish line then I'm gonna work hard.

    I start my final week in Neuro tomorrow. I know its gonna be a less stressful week as I have completed all of my obligatory duties, ha ha. So more time to study. It also means  my exams are coming soon,

    Keep smiling and always stay positive, love

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    Sunday, 18 July 2010

    Two weeks in what I would like to call Hell.. Neurology

    Seeing that I have been quite absent on blog ville, you will agree with me I've been in hell.. Its been 2 weeks of waking up 6:30am, walking 25-30mins to get to neurology department, morning meetings 8:15am, Ward rounds 9:15am consultations/labs from 11am till 3 or 4pm, call days stay late. go to the library afterward till about 9:30pm, get home around 10pm, so tired can't do anything not even face book. lol. sleep off by 10:30 or 11pm, this has been my week days. And weekends spending my whole time studying morning till late.Plus it like 40degrees here, seriously the heat is killing.

    Ask me where is the time for family and friends. I feel like I don't have a life anymore, I feel I am changing into a doctor. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  I don't want this kind of life. I want a life where I have time for my family and friends (I have lots of unanswered mails) and time for me. Keeps me wondering is this what life as a doctor entails??? Because If it is well I didn't sign up for this. If I knew no way I would be here. But we're doing this to save lives, or at least so they say.

    Well let me gist you of what life in the Neurology ward is like. 1st of all you have to know that the majority of the patients are elderly people. And the commonest condition I've seen is Stroke.

    Some few words about stroke: well stroke, know as cerebrovascular disease is a disease of circulation in which blood flow to the brain is decrease or stopped and since blood carries nutrients to the brain a decrease in  flow or cessation of flow will cause decrease function of brain or death of brain and is the reasons for all the symptoms we see. While age is the most common risk factor there are many other risk factors.The old adage we all know PREVENTION IS BETTER THAT CURE, stands so true for stroke. Knowing this risk factors and preventing them will be of great benefit to you and reduce the risk of developing stroke. Some of the risk factors include smoking, diabetics, gender (women, we are at a greater risk, well I know we can't prevent being female but since we know we stand a greater chance why don't we take extra precaution like hitting the gym, eating healthy and so on), cardiac diseases, drug abuse (cocaine), family history, alcohol, obesity, hypertension, heyperlipdemia, oral contraceptives.. the list goes on.

    Oh got carried away talking about stroke, other conditions I have seen includes: Parkinson, MS, some cases as mild as headache, tumors so many other stuffs. I even had the opportunity on one of my calls to watch the examination of a patient confirming brain death, tests to perform, the protocol and calling time of death. 1st time in this kind of situation. What can I say, I'm learning, I'm learning each day each day.

    Its time for me to do another Feature, anyone interested, Hit me up,

    Keep smiling guys, positive energy takes you far. Much love

    Tuesday, 13 July 2010

    Update; Now in Neurology

    Hey guys, my God its been more than a week I did a post.. well I have been super busy with my practise. I started Neurology practise still here in debrecen, and its been This is my second week and it is a four week practice. I have to get up 6.30am every morning and never come back home before 8.00pm. And when I do I am so tired I don't even switch on my computer some days. Was planning to blog all weekend, but how pathetic is this guys, I had to study all weekend :-( Usually I had Sundays off to relax and play but this weekend was different. Just stole some time this evening to blog.

    Neuro is great, I am really learning a lot. Doing the most crappiest things some times like measuring ABI for all the  But guys honestly I am learning soo much there, the teaching there is quality and quantity. Wish I could write more details but honestly I am so tired now. All I can say is if you are ever looking for somewhere to do a neurology practice hit debrecen :-) But how cool is this, there is a massage chair in one of the lounge in neuro so almost every day I steal about 15mins to get a massage, its really great and I look forward to it At least some relaxation.

    It's really so hot now, summer is full blow and some days the heat is really unbearable, making it quite hard to study. honestly all I think about now is a vacation. I really need one.

    That's it for now. Thank you anyone who ever bothered to stop by and read this blog and comment. I heart you all. will blog more soon.

    keep smiling, love

    Sunday, 4 July 2010

    More from the Psychiatric Ward

    Sorry Should have posted this two weeks ago.. but here goes

    Like I did from the chronic ward am gonna talk about some of the conditions I saw while i was in the acute ward. (please note that I am not trying to make my blog monotonous, its gonna take different forms of blogging).

    The acute ward to sum it up was the place were patients who didn't want to be in the hospital were kept, as it is a close ward, they can't leave. also those who had no motivation or needed close supervision were kept there. They were patients who came in one there own, those who were referred by another physicians, some by family and friends, some were found on the streets and brought in by the police and they were those who came in handcuffs with the police.

    The Psychiatry Ward 2

    Sorry for my absence, Its been an awful two weeks of intense studying for my psych final, studied for the whole time while doing my rotation plus an extra week which was five weeks in total, but the last two weeks were something else, especially the last one, I almost became a psych patient myself. But I'm glad to say it went really great, wooohooo, so this chapter of my life is over.. now that we've gotten this out of the way, lets talk about the much anticipated time I spent in the acute psych ward..

    As some of you know, I did my 1st 2 weeks in the chronic ward.. The last two was in the acute ward, and it was a hell of an experience, waay much fun than the chronic ward. Why was this?

    Well I got to work with some awesome doctors, who were so ready to teach and answer our never ending questions (some of which am sure were really silly, but they will alway still answer), and were very helpful in our preparation for the exam. Any medical inter will agree with me that one of the best thing that can happen to you during your internship years, is working under friendly, nice, willing to teach doctors. This made time there worth while..

    And secondly of course were the patients.. Boy, they were the funniest, craziest, cheerfullest, friendliest (ha.. so many adjectives there) patients one can ever come across. We had patients who were always egger to see us and greeted so cheerfully every morning. On one occasion a patient made drawings for the doctors, with their names and all that on ever smiling patients, having the weirdest, funniest things to say. Some who had to be convinced everyday to stay, and each day was the same "I want to go home", "oh you have to stay" conversation between doctor and patient. Some who just didn't even care you were there, just sat with an I-don't-care attitude and look at the doctors like, what now (some serious swagger in the psych ward). some who didn't think they should be there, and some who had no idea where the hell they where or even what year they were in.

    Let me tell you how my last day went. We were done and just waiting to get our stamps of approval, when this patient came and started singing to us, was nice at first and we smiled and thanked her, but she wouldn't stop. She kept following us and singing and before we realized it, we were the center of attention in the ward. Seriously |I felt like a bait because most of the patient had come around us by now, just staring at us (as If the circus had come to the ward), asking if we liked Hungarian songs? if we understood the song? if we needed translation?..... short of the story we had to run away from the ward without our stamp, but this meant we must still And on returning same thing happened, this patient was back to us, singing, singing, thank God not long after we found our tutor, got our stamps and were out of there ever, phew!!!!

    The psych ward is really a place that once you have been there, its an experience you will never forget, something you will talk about for a long time, with laughter, pity, sadness, confusion. One of my readers Sting left me this comment,
    "I have learned a whole lot from working there, about life and mostly about myself. You are able to put things in a totally different perspective."

    I realized that a lot of movies are based on psychiatry conditions. That really help me when I was I will think of a movie I have see with the same condition, to get a clearer picture about what I am studying.. Speaking of movies, I remember all the movies I have watched that when a patient starts acting out beyond control, the doctors will sedate the patient and put them in an isolation room.. Well the fist day I saw some one in an isolation room, something hit me so hard.. can't place my finger on what it was, but let me say it was pity. I couldn't get the sad picture out of my head.. My God this is like being in prison for what? being ill... Well what has to be done must be done, I guess and thats the way it works.. It was just a sad site to me, couldn't take it. That's why am not built for this job. Although with time I didn't get the same trow back as the first. That's the thing I realized about Medicine, many ppl say oh I can never do it there is soo much blood involved, too much sad things like death.. Well no human in their right frame of mind likes any of these things. But with time you just get stronger (not harden) to handle it. I use to tell people, Its like learning to walk, as a child u are terrified to just get up and walk, so u begin with dragging yourself on the ground, then crawling and then with the support of some one u begin to walk, and just one day you dare to walk on your own and you even run. Don't push it give yourself time, appreciating at the same time your strength and weakness.

    Well more to come about my time in the psych ward, don't want to over load this post.. lol

    Its time for me to do another Feature, anyone interested, Hit me up,

    keep smiling, love

    Friday, 25 June 2010

    Done with Psychiatry Rotation

    Wow! can't believe it's been four weeks already, went kinda fast. Oh well I'm done with psychiatry rotation, and am glad. next up will be my finals in psych, then am done! done!! done!!! wooooohooo.

    Well I made a very major decision today, which is Psychiatry is not for me.

    I did admire some of the doctors there and their work, but we all know our strength and weakness, and this lead me in making up my mind. I have nothing but respect for psychiatrist. Being in the psych ward for a month has taught me a lot about this profession and I have to say it takes a lot of courage, requires dedication, empathy and detachment. This is a profession where you cannot cure your patients, in order words most (not all) of the patients you have keep coming back for a life time. So what keeps you going?? well I think you should ask a psychiatrist. A profession where a lot of your patients don't even want to see you. But yet they get up every morning and go to work, most of them with a smile (esp the ones I worked with) on their face, just to help this patients. A profession where each day you have to repeatedly try to convince most of your patient to stay so you can help them. A profession where some of your patients pose a serious treat to you. A profession where you listen to all sort of complains and stories, day in day out from your patients, some of which are so depressing and some just not making sense, most of all you must not be judgmental ( anyone who is human knows how hard this is). But at the same them it is a profession where you have patients who do nothing but make you laugh, hey they work with the craziest and most bizarre people ever. And lots more. It is indeed an admirable profession. lets give up to every psychiatrist out there!!!!!. More grease to your elbows and keep doing your thing.

    sorry I have been rubbish on here this past two weeks, been super busy. But my stories as promised are still coming, gonna tell you guys all about my experience, esp for those of you who will never have the privilege to spend a month in a psychiatric ward (am not being sarcastic here), you get the opportunity to know a bit.

    Sunday, 20 June 2010


    As promised in my last post, said I would tell you all about my 1st week in the acute ward. here goes (more to come)

    I learnt, always to be on time (well I am still working on it), Because not only are your tutors gonna get mad at you, but the patients are watching.. On Tuesday I was late to work, with two of my mates (always good to have company, ha ha), on entering the ward we were greeted by one of the patients "YOUR LATE", who pointed out to us were the others were (how nice), as they had began ward rounds. After we changed and we were headed to join the rest the same patient asked us, what happened that you are late? Did you over sleep? (of course we did, its not easy to wake up early).Well I just smiled, I didn't see that coming. When we got to this patient's room for rounds, my God I realized I was head down, not wanting to make eye contact because of shame (ok maybe I am exaggerating It). But I did learn, you gotta be at work on time.

    Am learning that one of the biggest things you have to do In the medical profession is sacrifice, and your gonna sacrifice a lot (sleep inclusive). Pretty hard thing to do especially the sleep part. Anyone who knows me, will associate me with sleep. Yeah that's how much I love sleep. So I find myself always asking this questions (in regard to sleep) am I cut out for this profession? How do I handle calls?

    On the other hand been studying for my final exam In Psych which is soon, as I am almost done with the practice. I have read a lot about sleep disturbances (yes it is under Psych). I could go on to tell you a whole lot about sleep, and I mean really a lot, like the phases, why we dream, sleep walk and all that but am not gonna bore you (if you are not a medical student, oh how lucky, you don't have to read all this, If you are a medical student, ha ha, enjoy). I just wanna draw your attention to snoring, which is often over looked. well it could be nothing, but if you know some one who snores, advice them to go have themselves checked.

    keep smiling, love

    Saturday, 19 June 2010


    Been a whole week since I last updated (been busy). A whole lot has happened in a week. Moved to the Acute ward (still doing psychiatry rotation btw), were basically patients who do not want to be in the hospital are kept, it is a closed (locked always) department. Working with some great doctors and in general am having a blast (well kinda). Really do prefer it there than when I was in the chronic ward.
    Oh, so many stories to share, will be posting them soon. Just wanted to update you all, so you know I haven't abandoned this blog.

    keep smiling, love

    Saturday, 12 June 2010

    The Psychiatry Ward

    I have manged to survive two weeks of practice in psychiatry, which means am half way done with my psych rotation. I spent the first two weeks in the the chronic ward.. While I move on to the acute ward for the next two weeks ( going up tempo), thought I'd share my time in the chronic ward..

    So what kind of patients did I meet there, well basically patients with chronic conditions, meaning more than 6 months or milder presentation of psychiatry conditions.. Amongst which are:

    Depression was the most common I saw.. either as major depressive disorder or bipolar disorder (aka mood disorders). Most cases where brought in after an unsuccessful suicide attempt or in the case of bipolar after a manic episode. quite sad stories but was good to see how therapy was helping them get back to their normal life.

    Delusional disorders (a fixed belief that is either false, fanciful, or derived from deception) was the most fascinating to me. What fascinates the most is that this people have no insight to their problem, you cannot convince them that what you believe isn't true. Another thing that fascinates me is how hard is it for you as a doctor to tell this are delusions, what if what the patient is telling you is true? because there were cases where it wasn't possible to obtain hetero anamnesis (information from someone else).
    here are some types of delusional disorder,

    • Erotomanic Type (erotomania): delusion that another person is in love with the individual.
    • Grandiose Type: delusion of inflated worth, power, knowledge, identity, or special relationship to a famous person.
    • Jealous Type: delusion that the individuals sexual partner is unfaithful.
    • Persecutory Type: delusion that the person (or someone to whom the person is close) is being malevolently treated in some way.
    • Somatic Type: delusions that the person has some physical defect or general medical condition.

    (not all cases) the most interesting for me.. spoke about this in previous post.

    Personality disorders.. basically a behavior that deviates from your normal expected behavior. one interesting one is borderline personality disorder, not quite there but almost there. this is between psychosis and neurosis. individuals are emotionally unstable

    Alcohol Withdrawal or generally withdrawal from any substance of abuse (crack, coke, marijuana etc). Who knew how hard it is is to quit an addiction? you actually need to be admitted to a hospital facility because you could die from withdrawal symptoms, or in most cases relapse.. So please drink responsibly and stay away from drugs!!

    and lots more can't mention/remember all.. One thing I kept asking myself, which am sure is the same for everyone is, doesn't everyone have some kind of psychiatry condition? because if there is one thing I know is that I have diagnosed myself with a lot of psychiatry condition.. I mean almost every one has some sort of personality changes or mood changes, or delusions at some point. (for example there are time I am walking in the night and I see someone and think they want to harm So what brings you to the Psychiatrist? (cause obviously not everyone out there is gonna go to the psychiatrist when u or someone notices a change in your normal behavior/personality). Well just when this 'change' interferes severely with your daily life.


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    Monday, 7 June 2010

    Music Therapy

    Honestly I cannot really say what this was meant to be (creative therapy was way fun). We got in to the room for the session, patients students and doctors, some very soothing music was played for about five mins, then we went up tempo :-), the music was switched up to some very playful  tune, like something you would hear in a silly cartoon. we listened to it for about 10 to 15 mins. The music made me feel like dancing and laughing, but since no one was, I just nodded my head a bit and smiled.. ha ha.. Then the worst came for the next 45 mins there was a discussion with the patients in Hungarian. this was serious torture as I did not understand a single thing and had to sit there  (like a moron), because it would have been so rude to walk out. They were laughing and talking and yours truly just looked.
    The other day I went for a large group session where doctors, patients and students sit to discuss (a larger group than the music therapy group), and for one hour I had to sit there not understanding anything. Seriously this is real torture, whats even worst is that no one explains anything to you after (well I should have ask rite? yeah rite like they would explain an hour session to a bloody medical student). This language barrier is really getting to me, it puts a big barrier in front of my learning. And for a career like medicine, especially in the psychiatry ward, communication is key to learning.. So tell me how can I learn?
    Advice to anyone who is yet to go study medicine (Don't), go where you fully understand the language. If you are like me already in a foreign speaking language country, learn the language. and if you are more like me that after 5 years you realize ooh I should have learned the language. Well its too late so bare it.. (note, I have no regrets coming here).

    If you have the ability to hear and understand/ make sense of what is being said be grateful. There is a medical condition where patients have the inability to understand spoken language (kinda like me today) which they normally understood before.. How frustrating.


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    Sunday, 6 June 2010

    To be a friend or not?

    Hold on wait till you have had this experience......
    I meet a patient on my way to a group therapy session, I knew nothing about this patient, but we exchanged gestures, talked a bit, some weird question was even put in but we (me and my mate) chose to ignore/handle it well :-). The patients looked kind of sleepy, so I would guess was under sedatives this could mean mania, but I may be wrong. whatever the diagnosis was, it doesn't hurts to give a smile to the patient, so I do just that and got to my seat.
    Stares at you half of the group therapy session (creepy) and every nook and cranny I found myself in the hospital that day, I happen to see the same patient who comes to ask me for my help when it actually wasn't needed.. scary huh? yeah, that sent me out of the hospital (well not literally, I had to attend consultations, but I was the first one to get there and I even hid at the coat hanger ) cos honestly I was scared to death. I have no idea this patients diagnosis, but some part of me tells me it might be bipolar (manic-depressive disorder).

    So I ask the big question to be a friend or not? should I have paid more attention and given more of my time to this patients? Or was my little time I spent with the patient and smile appropriate?As doctors we are taught to never get to attached to a patient.

    • This blog is nominated at the Nigerian blog awards, under the Health, fitness or sport category (not a surprise) I have added a link on my side bar or click here, so please go vote for 'Becoming a Doctor'.
    • All apologies for any grammatical error you find in my posts, I have lived in Hungary for 6 years so English is not my first language anymore, actually, I don't have that much time to re-read and spell check and all that stuffs as I am quite busy, (I do love blogging don't get me wrong) but I do come back to correct when someone notifies me or I realize. So please feel free to correct me, or if you want the post to be my editor, hola (I think I might know some one who is interested, ha ha.).
    • I know the medical field is filled with so much jargon's, so please if you don't understand any of the jargon's, let me know, I will explain further.

    pretty please..keep smiling, love
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