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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

An Interview

Today I was siting in the caffeteria, doing absolutely nothing as my firm had just one patient in the ward, so there wasn't much to do. You will Think I will go home right? Well this was 8am, no way I will go home when ppl are just getting to work. Truth be told I would have gone home, but my consultant kindly asked me to join the pediatric surgeons in the out patient, and since they start at 9am, I had to sit for and hour doing absolutely nothing.

 A young lady came to me and asked if she could ask me a few questions as she was doing a survey on doctors (I know I'm not one, but hey I will be in about 2 months!!!). Well some of the questions really got me thinking. And since she caught me off guard, I think I just babbled. I thought I'd share some of the questions I can remember, feel free answer, make your own observations, comments and whatever.... I'd like to know everyone's view.

  • How Relevant do you think doctors are?
  • What roles do doctors play in the community?
  • Describe a doctor in three words?
  • Should doctors be involve in research and have other responsibilities?
  • Do you think doctors should be the highest payed people? yes or no?
  • Do you think in the next few years there will be more or less doctors? and why?
Since I am in Malta I have decided to add a picture from the island in all my post while I'm here so you can get a glimpse of the beautiful island.
This pic was actually taken in Gozo a small Maltese island. I went on a boat ride and got very amazing pictures. It was indeed breath taking. This is the Azure window.

Keep smiling and stay positive,


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