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Thursday, 26 August 2010

Go for It!!

Aloha, Here I am this morning, just sitting in bed, didn't go to the hospital today as I was on call yesterday, its my day off. Its one of those morning when I  wake up so  powerless, so unmotivated, needing motivation from where ever, I decided to  go through one of my many journals, in which I write random thoughts and just came across this piece I had written, Can't remember where I wrote it from, or from whom I heard it, doesn't matter, the important thing is I have it and I thought it's worth sharing it.


  • Pursuit is the proof that you really desire something.
  • You will become what you purse with all your heart.
  • The secret of success is to pursue one main thing at a time and a few secondary things. You must fall in love with the basics.
  • You can become an expert if you pursue one thing for a long time with all your heart. Find out what you are good at and pursue
  • The secret to successful insight is never quit. Don't give up, stay with it no matter what. We are not here to please people we are here to accomplish what we have to do.


  • They don't see immediate results
  • they loose the immediate excitement when the reality hits them.
  • They are not willing to pay the price. Everything that is worth pursing will cost you something. We compromise so many times just to be popular.
  • Broken focus because of distraction. They stop concentrating.
  • They begin with unrealistic expectations.
  • They make emotional decision that brings temporary happiness.


    • Maintain your focus and avoid distraction.
    • Keep your eyes on the picture and the reward will come.
    • when you see a big obstacle break it down into small achievable steps.
    • Don't trow away your confidence.
    • Have a good sense of priority with your time.
    • You must take care of your body with rest and proper nutrition.*
    • You must have a hobby that allows you to recreate your imagination and creativity.
    • You must exercise great self disciple.
    • Maintain a positive atmosphere. We must reject negative words.
    • All things are allowed but not everything is beneficial.. 

    Smile without reason, love

    Sunday, 22 August 2010

    Weekend Update

    On Thursday I decided to skip ward rounds and morning meetings, because I was just not interested in waking up early and since they spoke only Hungarian, there is really no reason I should be there. But oh well that led to me arriving late for the surgery I scheduled for which was by 8.30am. The surgeons were so mad at me. I almost even got punished to do an extra week. But amidst all the anger and shouting thrown at me, one of the surgeon made a very important point, He said you don't expect the surgery to wait for you (yes he reminded me, I'm just an intern the bottom of the medical ladder), and I learnt something very important from that statement, I have this slogan I always use to state which I learnt, "No need to rush it will wait for you if you are important". I looked around the room trying to think who is the important one here? You will guess the Main surgeon right? Wrong, if he doesn't show up the second surgeon or another surgeon will do the job, the surgery won't wait for him. The important person there is the patient, Always the patients are the most important people. So yes as a doctor we better rush to the hospital always. Lesson learnt.

    I was on Call last night, and let me just say this, this is my first over night call ever, Yay!!! Oh well all I can tell you is that you dread hearing the phone in the call room ring.

     I was there from 8pm and decided to stay up till I am called, 10:30pm still nothing so I decided to sleep a little and 12:30am the phone rings.. Oh boy, was I confused yes. But I got up changed into my scrubs, and got to the OR, to my greatest delight the surgeon was like "it must be so annoying to be be called at this time of the night", hell yes it is. But we scrubbed in, the surgery was done and it went great at least I didn't sleep off when retracting. At the end of they day, even thou we complain about being called at odd hours or having to work for long hours, its always a joy to serve/help other people and I'm learning to love what I do.

    Have a lovely week everyone. Stay positive and put on a smile on your face no matter what.


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