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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Post Graduation

This post is long over due, but I have contemplated writing it for so long for so many reasons.
One being that this blog was intended to chronicle my final year in medical school up till when I finally become a doctor which already happened. But I realized a lot of my reader's want to know what's next after becoming a doctor. How I am fitting in especially due to the fact that I was returning back to Nigeria a very different environment.
Another reason is, I want to be as polite as possible to write about my experience here in Nigeria since it has been far from what I expected.  I really want to write the truth without hurting anyone.

Another is I had the typical writer's block... lol.


T.Notes said...

Happy new year...and well done!

T.Notes said...

P.S....waiting for the Naij holds barred...thats the whole idea of the blog.

josaif said...

Wonderful Blog.
i suggest to use this website ( ) as a news reference in your blog...thanks


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