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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Update; Now in Neurology

Hey guys, my God its been more than a week I did a post.. well I have been super busy with my practise. I started Neurology practise still here in debrecen, and its been This is my second week and it is a four week practice. I have to get up 6.30am every morning and never come back home before 8.00pm. And when I do I am so tired I don't even switch on my computer some days. Was planning to blog all weekend, but how pathetic is this guys, I had to study all weekend :-( Usually I had Sundays off to relax and play but this weekend was different. Just stole some time this evening to blog.

Neuro is great, I am really learning a lot. Doing the most crappiest things some times like measuring ABI for all the  But guys honestly I am learning soo much there, the teaching there is quality and quantity. Wish I could write more details but honestly I am so tired now. All I can say is if you are ever looking for somewhere to do a neurology practice hit debrecen :-) But how cool is this, there is a massage chair in one of the lounge in neuro so almost every day I steal about 15mins to get a massage, its really great and I look forward to it At least some relaxation.

It's really so hot now, summer is full blow and some days the heat is really unbearable, making it quite hard to study. honestly all I think about now is a vacation. I really need one.

That's it for now. Thank you anyone who ever bothered to stop by and read this blog and comment. I heart you all. will blog more soon.

keep smiling, love


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