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Sunday, 6 June 2010

To be a friend or not?

Hold on wait till you have had this experience......
I meet a patient on my way to a group therapy session, I knew nothing about this patient, but we exchanged gestures, talked a bit, some weird question was even put in but we (me and my mate) chose to ignore/handle it well :-). The patients looked kind of sleepy, so I would guess was under sedatives this could mean mania, but I may be wrong. whatever the diagnosis was, it doesn't hurts to give a smile to the patient, so I do just that and got to my seat.
Stares at you half of the group therapy session (creepy) and every nook and cranny I found myself in the hospital that day, I happen to see the same patient who comes to ask me for my help when it actually wasn't needed.. scary huh? yeah, that sent me out of the hospital (well not literally, I had to attend consultations, but I was the first one to get there and I even hid at the coat hanger ) cos honestly I was scared to death. I have no idea this patients diagnosis, but some part of me tells me it might be bipolar (manic-depressive disorder).

So I ask the big question to be a friend or not? should I have paid more attention and given more of my time to this patients? Or was my little time I spent with the patient and smile appropriate?As doctors we are taught to never get to attached to a patient.

  • This blog is nominated at the Nigerian blog awards, under the Health, fitness or sport category (not a surprise) I have added a link on my side bar or click here, so please go vote for 'Becoming a Doctor'.
  • All apologies for any grammatical error you find in my posts, I have lived in Hungary for 6 years so English is not my first language anymore, actually, I don't have that much time to re-read and spell check and all that stuffs as I am quite busy, (I do love blogging don't get me wrong) but I do come back to correct when someone notifies me or I realize. So please feel free to correct me, or if you want the post to be my editor, hola (I think I might know some one who is interested, ha ha.).
  • I know the medical field is filled with so much jargon's, so please if you don't understand any of the jargon's, let me know, I will explain further.

pretty please..keep smiling, love
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MsAfropolitan said...

I have no medical expertise, but my gut instinct says don't be nice until you know what the patient's suffering from. It's a bold profession you've chosen, keep it up!

tracy said...

Congrats for the nomination! Annnnnd, as a former patient, though i don't know if i was as sick (i'm sorry that sounds sooo judgemental!), i'm not sure what to say...except to agree with the above idea.

tracy said...

Except....kindness first...

tracy said...

Done! :) (voting)

2cute4u said...

I had fun reading..
I really did..
Congrats on the nomination..

fabladyH said...

@ MsAfropolitan @tracy @2cute4u.. thanks a lot babes.. x


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