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Monday, 7 June 2010

Music Therapy

Honestly I cannot really say what this was meant to be (creative therapy was way fun). We got in to the room for the session, patients students and doctors, some very soothing music was played for about five mins, then we went up tempo :-), the music was switched up to some very playful  tune, like something you would hear in a silly cartoon. we listened to it for about 10 to 15 mins. The music made me feel like dancing and laughing, but since no one was, I just nodded my head a bit and smiled.. ha ha.. Then the worst came for the next 45 mins there was a discussion with the patients in Hungarian. this was serious torture as I did not understand a single thing and had to sit there  (like a moron), because it would have been so rude to walk out. They were laughing and talking and yours truly just looked.
The other day I went for a large group session where doctors, patients and students sit to discuss (a larger group than the music therapy group), and for one hour I had to sit there not understanding anything. Seriously this is real torture, whats even worst is that no one explains anything to you after (well I should have ask rite? yeah rite like they would explain an hour session to a bloody medical student). This language barrier is really getting to me, it puts a big barrier in front of my learning. And for a career like medicine, especially in the psychiatry ward, communication is key to learning.. So tell me how can I learn?
Advice to anyone who is yet to go study medicine (Don't), go where you fully understand the language. If you are like me already in a foreign speaking language country, learn the language. and if you are more like me that after 5 years you realize ooh I should have learned the language. Well its too late so bare it.. (note, I have no regrets coming here).

If you have the ability to hear and understand/ make sense of what is being said be grateful. There is a medical condition where patients have the inability to understand spoken language (kinda like me today) which they normally understood before.. How frustrating.


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Myne Whitman said...

Congrats on your nominations, saw it when I went to vote. And thanks for this blog, I'm learning some new things.

MsAfropolitan said...

Learning new stuff too!

Is the medical condition you refer to in your PS, Alzheimers? Curious, really.

fabladyH said...

yeah it can be seen in people with Alzheimer's,.. it is called agnosia and can be seen in other medical conditions as well.

@myne thanks a lot. always a pleasure.


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