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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Mid week Post

I decided to be more regular on my blog I'm gonna be posting twice a week, Mid week and Weekend post.. I hope I'm faithful to this..

So surgery.. hmmmm. Well I have started my surgery rotations and I'm three days into to It. Haven't done/seen anything out of the ordinary except watch surgeries. As medical students/interns your job in the OR is to retract during surgeries. Monday and Tuesday I wasn't scheduled for any surgery. Today however I was scheduled for an adrenal surgery. But the surgeon said he didn't need my help I could just stand and watch. In a way I was glad, because I was so sleepy and was wondering how I was gonna survive retracting. But at the same time I was disappointed. As an Intern all you always want to do is keep busy,you alway want to be given something to do. I wonder why?

Scrubbing in for surgery.
Retracting is basically holding open the body cavity during surgeries.



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