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Friday, 25 November 2011


Hey there, been a minute,

Well I just found this interview I did a while back for It's always nice to see this old posts cos sometimes they remind you of certain goals you set for yourself, it grounds you to stay true to who you are.

Check it out

live, laugh, love and let go my dear readers. xox

Saturday, 25 June 2011

I've had the time of my life.

As you read this I'm in a car heading out of debrecen for the last time. Six years are done and its so sad, don't want it to be over. Many thanks to all the amazing people I met along the way esp those who became  friends.. gonna miss you all dearly.. I had the time of my life here.

love always...

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Graduation Day!!!!!

Today six years of training comes to an end. What Can I say???? I'm out of words. So overwhelmed and so grateful. So much emotions building up, but I must contain myself! It is a Happy Day for me.

Still can't believe I'm graduating today. I waited and dreamed for so many years of this day and now that it is here, it is so unreal.
A very big thank you to God, my family, friends and you my readers. Honestly you were all my backbones, every word of encouragement and prayer was worth millions and very much needed, words can't express my gratitude.. Thank you, in Hungarian we say köszönöm szépen

I will post up pics of the event and all.

much love always and keep those beautiful smiles on your faces.

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Double Celebration!!!

It's double celebration here on B.A.D, exactly one year ago I began my final year and made my 1st post on this blog,  It's the blog's one year anniversary!!!! and many years ago yours truly was born! Happy Birthday to me!!!!!

Much thanks to all my lovely readers who have joined me in this journey, was worth sharing some of my experiences with you all.

 I am done with all my practises and exams, and will have my States exams exactly one week from now, and then I'm DONE DONE DONE!!!
Till then, much love always.........

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

I've Come so Far

I was filling my year book and one of the questions asked was,  medical school in a song? Here is mine.

Happy New month, I know it's late, but won't let this one pass, because May is my best, month of the year. Wishing you all the best this month has to offer cos it's a very beautiful month.  I'm busy with studying for exams. Had pediatrics today turned out pretty fab. My last exam is obstetrics and gynecology, before the grand final exam. So Good luck to me!

Keep smiling and always stay positive, love

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Book Review 'In Stitches'

I went on a journey, a very emotional one reading 'In Stitches'.

It was like someone handed  me a book of my journey through medical school. Even thou the book is Dr Youn's memoir, I felt like it was mine. I connected and related to the book on every level.

I must confess that I always avoided reading medical related books (except my text books, I will avoid them if I could trust me) for the mere fact that I will find them just so boring. This book wasn't,  So full of humor, stories that will crack your ribs but also those that will make you shed a tear and some that rose emotions of anger and frustration at some of the characters in the book. Not filled with medical jargon's. It's a book everyone will find interesting I assure you, whether you are in the medical field or not.

'In stitches'  Dr Youn's book largely about becoming a doctor. He writes about the jaw he had that grew, and the corrective surgery, being different. His years of pre med, trying to fit it and getting his parent's approval in whatever he did. When he questioned certain things about his faith. Moving on to medical school, his four years in medical school, classes, exams, friendship. Being the King on the dance floor, with the shopping cart dance! Looking into a bucket of hands and becoming attached. His Different clinical rotations. The roller coaster he went through in medical school. Approvals and disapproval's from colleague and other doctors. His encounters with patients, one whom he convince to take a life saving surgery, another a child what he describes as "life changing".Finding love and his niche in medicine.And finally, In his last days of medical school being able to answer the question he was asked on his first day of medical school, "Why do you want to become a doctor".
Was an awesome read, full on humor, bringing out the fun in medicine. I recommend for everyone, You can order the book here.
Visit the web site for reviews by others and more.

Due to my late review, my competition is still on and you can enter by liking the In stitches page on Facebook. Make sure you follow this blog via Google friend connect. Leave a comment below or send me an email after you do.Closes on the 2n of May. I will select randomly and send an email to the winner requiring your postal address. Good luck!! (Sorry US/Canada only).

Keep smiling, stay positive

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter

As you read this post. I'm probably wandering about the city of Dusseldorf Germany, on a 10 hour transit on my way back to Hungary.
Just thought I take the time and wish you all a very Happy Easter, and enjoy the celebration.

enter my competition here.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Competition Time!!!!!

Aloha my beautiful readers,
In the mist of a very busy day, I thought I'd sneak in and run a give away as promised in previous post.
I would really love to give a detailed and longer review about my latest read, In stitches. But I have so much doing today. So I decided the review will come during the week of the competition.

I have to say this thou, This book is full on humor and a book most people can relate to. I for one. Below is an excerpt from the book.

"I once saw an episode of Grey’s Anatomy in which a character suggested that she—and every doctor—experienced an “aha moment” when she realized she had become a doctor. That never happened to me. I experienced an accumulation of many moments. Some walloped me, left me reeling. Others flickered and rolled past like a shadow. They involved teachers, classmates, roommates, friends, family, actors playing patients, nurses, the family of patients, and patients themselves, patients who touched me and who troubled me, patients whose courage changed my life and who taught me how to live as they faced death, and of course, doctors—doctors who were kind, doctors who were clueless, doctors who were burned out, doctors who inspired me and doctors whom I aspired to be, doctors who sought my opinion and doctors who shut me down".
To read more excerpts visit

To enter for the competition you having to be following this blog, so go ahead click the follow button. Also like the In stitches page  on  Facebook Send me a mail with your Facebook name to or leave it in the comment below. I will randomly select a winner and contact you on the 29th of April. Good luck.

Can't wait!? you can pre-order the book here. Great prices to be won, check out their Facebook page and website.

Unfortunately I can only run this competition for those in US and Canada.

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Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Let me start by saying this, pediatric has by a mile been the best rotation I have done this year. Cheers because this is my last rotation (OMG can you believe it, wow time flies). Well with less than a week left to round up my last rotation I am so nervous, as this means by now I should have the confidence and knowledge of a doctor, but I'm so far form it I must confess. In fact I feel no different from when I began this final year.

Pediatrics is an experience worth sharing. Firstly I tried to define what the maximum age limit should be for peds (BTW that's short for pediatric) because this minute it was a two months baby you see in the wards, next minute you see an adult in the age of 16 walk into the out patient. Some books say 21, I think that's pushing it, coz it means for me being in med school and still seeing a pediatrician, lol. Some mention 18 still to old I think, yes I was in med school at this age! To be honest I have no memories of visiting a pediatrician, because from when I got in to secondary school I had started seeing  adult doctors (excuse me). I was just 10 and I think that was to early to graduate to the bigger doctors. So what age? Personally I think 13 yrs is appropriate. Unless you have a chronic condition like, kidney disease, or a heart disease, or diabetes, then I think the pediatrician should follow up this cases till they feel it right to hand them over. What's your view?
 I  met all kinds of kids. the ever smiling, the crying for no reason,the unreasonably quite, the talkative, the gentle, the ones who believed the hospital is their play ground and so must run it down, and the list goes on. Then there are the parents who you also have to deal with, the careless parent, the worrying for nothing parent, the responsible parent, the ones who think the doctor is the enemy and the ones who are on our sides, those who think the doctors should teach their kids manners and to be well behaved, the abusive parent ( which I must add is just terrible) and the list goes on too.
Something I really liked is seeing was dads walk in with there Kids. you can tell mum is home getting a well deserved rest or out and about doing her thing and getting some time off. Who ever thinks its mum's job to do all the kids stuff? I have mates that have argued with me that it is the role of the mum to raise the kids. In the 21st century people still think like idiots, it's sad. well well, I wouldn't go into that. But you and I know the mum should NEVER be responsible alone!
Once this dad walks in hands us (med student) a bag of chocolate quietly, I went like yes, finally we med students are gifted for... well I don't know what it is we do, oh I know we don't hurt the kids, we play the most with them and think ever child is cute (note the male students thou). Well he ask us to give it to his daughter (sad face) after the doctor was done examining her. Saying he told her if she was good, the doctors will give her chocolate (yeah right). And of course his daughter wasn't the typical "screaming-for-no-reason-refusing -to-lie-on-the-examination bed child", she was well behaved. Lesson learnt! In peds if you you want your patients to cooperate you bribe them/ make a bargain with them. Not an easy field right, at least you don't have to bribe adults (well most of them) to cooperate with you and lay on the darn bed to be examined,.
As much as I loved the father-child relationship, I loved when I saw both parents walk in with their child. I kinda observed the difference in kids who came in from stable homes. they were well behaved and in terms of copping with illness, they coped better. Nothing beats a family who fights an illness as a family, especially when the ill is a child.
 I spent most of my time in the respiratory and gastroenterology team. lots of asthma and gastroenteritis cases I saw, but from time to time I was allowed to visit other peds departments; peds surgery, endocrinology, NP ICU (neonatal pediatric intensive care unit). Was a great experience overall. Soon time to head back to Debrecen and face the exams.

pic: paradise bay, Malta

Keep smiling, stay positive,

Monday, 11 April 2011

In the Mail

Thanks so much to Marni Wandner from Sneak Attack Media, today this came in the mail for me, an advance copy (galley) of Dr Anthony Youn's new book In Stitches. And Thanks to them I will be hosting My first blog giveaway (YAY!!!), so watch out.
This Book is about becoming a doctor, and will be out 26th of April. You can pre order it here.  I am yet to read it, but as soon as I do, I will post up my review.

Keep Smiling, love

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

An Interview

Today I was siting in the caffeteria, doing absolutely nothing as my firm had just one patient in the ward, so there wasn't much to do. You will Think I will go home right? Well this was 8am, no way I will go home when ppl are just getting to work. Truth be told I would have gone home, but my consultant kindly asked me to join the pediatric surgeons in the out patient, and since they start at 9am, I had to sit for and hour doing absolutely nothing.

 A young lady came to me and asked if she could ask me a few questions as she was doing a survey on doctors (I know I'm not one, but hey I will be in about 2 months!!!). Well some of the questions really got me thinking. And since she caught me off guard, I think I just babbled. I thought I'd share some of the questions I can remember, feel free answer, make your own observations, comments and whatever.... I'd like to know everyone's view.

  • How Relevant do you think doctors are?
  • What roles do doctors play in the community?
  • Describe a doctor in three words?
  • Should doctors be involve in research and have other responsibilities?
  • Do you think doctors should be the highest payed people? yes or no?
  • Do you think in the next few years there will be more or less doctors? and why?
Since I am in Malta I have decided to add a picture from the island in all my post while I'm here so you can get a glimpse of the beautiful island.
This pic was actually taken in Gozo a small Maltese island. I went on a boat ride and got very amazing pictures. It was indeed breath taking. This is the Azure window.

Keep smiling and stay positive,

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Whats up?!?!

I must apologize for being rubbish on this blog. Well, well, I must confess its so hard to blog about my hospital experience, not because I am so busy (which I kinda am), but primarily because of patient confidentiality. Its hard to twist a story, to preserved patient confidentiality, but I try when I can, because some cases are worth sharing.

An update: I'm currently in Malta (oh d places my final year has taken me to!), for two months and currently doing my obstetrics and gynecology practice. The hospital is a new state of the art national hospital and the primary hospital on the island. Malta's health care system is rated fifth in the world by WHO, very similar to the UK ( I did my internal practice there) which ranks at 18. The Maltese people are so friendly and polite and I am having a great time here.

So the other day, I attended a surgery of a 23 year old lady who had invasive cervical cancer. I know this is not the normal scenario, and as young people we never expert to have certain illness. The truth is that we feel we are immortal, and certain illnesses is for the elderly only. well I had a reality check. I'm sharing this not to scared people or all, but to tell any one who reads this post to go get a PAP SMEAR. VERY IMPORTANT!!. read more here.

Medical students intrested in doing an elective in Malta, click here  .

Stay positive and keep smiling.

Much love always,

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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Milo's story

Milo was fertilized in a glass (what medics call an IVF, in vitro fertilization) unlike most of us who are fertilized in a human, our biological mothers uterus. He was put back into his mom and again unlike most of us Milo didn't spend the complete number of weeks in his mum uterus, he was born really premature. Being  born premature means you are not fully fit to survive outside the uterus. The major problem prematures face is underdeveloped lungs (there lungs will just collapse when they exhale), usually steroids are given to help, well in Milo case not only were his lungs underdeveloped but his heart also. He was born with a heart defect. While most children born with heart defect undergo surgery after 3 months or so, Milo was not fit for surgery because he was too little. He was placed on steroids and everyone hoped. The doctors looked at Milo and believed he wasn't gonna survive. But Milo the wonder child survived till he was fit for surgery. He underwent surgery, and everyone, friends, family and doctor were glad the battle for life was won!
But they were wrong, Milo had another heart defect that required he go in for surgery again. This time no doctor wanted to cut open this poor kid. Let him enjoy what was left of life pain free. But it was the strength Milo showed that allowed the bravest of cardiologist take him in for surgery. The surgery went well, once again Milo had beaten the odds.
To everyones disappointment, Milo was still so sick, his heart wasn't supplying his body with enough blood. The brain which is very sensitive to low oxygen will also under develop, meaning if Milo survived  this time he will have a very poor IQ. A check was done and it was discovered that Milo needed a corrective surgery because one of his previous surgery hadn't gone as well. Milo will not survive this!!

Fast foward to 3 years later. I'm standing in the cardiology examination room of pediatic really getting tired and fustrated at all the crying kids who come in. Who knew peds could be this annoying. I'm about to tell my tutor I feel sick, so I can get the hell out of there. The door opens and I see one of the most active, happy kid walk in ahead of his parents, he greets everyone one in the room, and the immediately the mood in the room changes. His mom places him on the examination bed, he looks around at each of us and smiles. He then looks at the doctor and says I've HAD  heart problems, still with a smile on his face. Milo had survive, 3 years later with no complications and the perfect IQ for his age. He is indeed a wonder and a story worth sharing. Even my tutor despite being with Milo in his years of struggle and good health is still amaze as he tells me Milo's story. He didn't believe Milo would survive, no one actually believed not even his parents. Milo is healthy and doing fine and comes back regularly for check ups. He is the wonder kid, who's spirit inspires me.

"The power of the human spirit is to rise up when faced with adversity and as we rise.... we have a responsibility to bring others along with us".

keep smiling, love

Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentines Day!!

A cliché post I know. But all the same, I'll say it Happy Valentines day. Whether you are spending the day with someone special or alone, Doing something special or doing something very boring ( I spent mine in pediatrics with crying children), I hope its a FABULOUS day for us all and the message of love is spread out more in the world.

While its lovers day let me draw your attention to my giving back page here, love is giving right!

Happy Valentines day people.

Keep smiling, love

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Impossible is Nothing!

I have loved the quote since the frist day I saw it in an addidas ad. I made it mine and it has been my motto for many years now. Today I need to hear it over and over.

 Every now and then I look up Job options, seeing as I'll be done in about four month its all that worries me now, making money! I've look at so many options, and realized that having study'ed medicine in a foreign country I'm pretty screwed (forgive my language).

 I have my Thesis to complete and that looks like an impossible task. I've got two more exams before my state exam, and I'm wondering where the strength is gonna come from, because right now I'm exhausted and burnt out and just wanna pack my things and quit school. Then there is the state exam, which is the big one, the final of the finals, and the thought of it makes me sick with fear. I try to always stay positive but I'm failing now.

So many things going through my head about WHAT NEXT? everything right now seems so Impossible.

I remember coming to debrecen 6 years ago and the thought of having to go through 6 years of gruesome medical training. It seemed so Impossible.


Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Happy February!

Just a quickie To wish u all a Happy new month. Wishing you all the best february has to offer.
My resolution for this month is to work harder and quit procasting. What's yours?

Its gonna be a very cold month here in debrecen, its -10 degrees already! so I'm thinking of escaping the weather.. hmmmmm. we'll see. Right now I'm working real hard on my thesis. I'm out of the hospitals and in front of my laptop all day.
Have a fabulous months!

Keep smiling and stay positive, love

Friday, 28 January 2011

Are We Insensitive?

A very typical scenario, you walk into the wards their are patients screaming and crying, and the doctors there seem to carry on with their work like they are deaf. The patient is crying please not a needle, but the doctor goes ahead and stick the needle. The patient begs to be discharged so she can go home for her birthday, the doctor ignores or tells her you have to sign a form stating you left against our advice. We break really Bad news causually. So I ask the question "Are doctors insensitive"? Or are we being clam and rational? Are we trying to give the impression that it is no big deal or it isn't the end of the world?

I was siting in the labour ward the other day and all around all I hear is screams, no one seems to care but we the medical students. We look around hoping our eyes could help the patients, yet no one moves an inch. Those of us bold enough ask is she in labour and the doctor answers very causally, yes. Not moved at all by the crys and screams. The more time I spend in hospitals d more I realize that as a doctor crying and screaming means nothing, when usually it should be a call for help. I watch and observe doctors ignore this call and I myself follow suit or at least I try. I must admit it's hard for me but I'm learning.  
During my surgery practise one day, I went into the theater and there was a young lady lying in the corridor crying so loud. I asked a surgeon, whats d case? and he tells me ectopic pregnancy (which we are taught is an emergency and immediate surgery must be done). But oh well here is this patient lying in the corridor crying, yet no seems to be bothered. I looked at her and she's like "help me, I'm dying" ( I can't even imagine the pain she was in). I could have walk off like every other "busy" surgeon around, to be honest I was tempted to but this lady was crying real hard, so I held her hands and smiled at her, and she said "I'm going to die" I told her you will be fine (not knowing), she clamed down down a bit somehow and then I left to go find my team. 
Days later I'm walking in the ward and some woman is greeting me. She must have me confused with someone else, but I smile and say hi to, "don't u remember me 'doctor' (head swells) from the Theater?" she said, immediately I remembered, she was d the lady I told "you will be fine" thank goodness she was. She goes on to add "thank you so much". Oh my the joy that went through me as the doctors on my team just stared, thinking to their selves what could a medical student possibly have done, to make this patient so happy and grateful. Well I was SENSITIVE!

keep smiling, love

Wednesday, 26 January 2011


One thing I really dislike on blogville about blogs I read regularly is inconsistency in posting. You start up a blog, u go hard, mayb update daily and then all of a sudden when things get interesting and there r promises made for interesting post, bam!!! u hear no more from the blogger, you keep checking back and still nothing, so u kinda give up. Then they put u a post apologizing saying they r back, you get excited once again and then still no post. I really hate this. And unfortunately this was exactly what I did. Well I could go on and explain how I have been busy with my practices I'm a doctor you know, studying for exam, working on my thesis, traveling up and down plus the holidays. But this are all excuses we like to give, especially as medics we are always busy. Well part of that is true, I'm not disputing d fact that we so busy. But in my own case its was simply this thing called PROCRASTINATION.

Procrastination is just a form of being lazy. I procrastinated so many things, my applications, my thesis work, blogging, cleaning my apartment, registering in the gym etc. At the end of the day, I find myself in a big mess, confused, stressed and having too much to do at once.

Always tell yourself this DO IT NOW. and DO IT NOW!

Keep smiling, love


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