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Friday, 28 January 2011

Are We Insensitive?

A very typical scenario, you walk into the wards their are patients screaming and crying, and the doctors there seem to carry on with their work like they are deaf. The patient is crying please not a needle, but the doctor goes ahead and stick the needle. The patient begs to be discharged so she can go home for her birthday, the doctor ignores or tells her you have to sign a form stating you left against our advice. We break really Bad news causually. So I ask the question "Are doctors insensitive"? Or are we being clam and rational? Are we trying to give the impression that it is no big deal or it isn't the end of the world?

I was siting in the labour ward the other day and all around all I hear is screams, no one seems to care but we the medical students. We look around hoping our eyes could help the patients, yet no one moves an inch. Those of us bold enough ask is she in labour and the doctor answers very causally, yes. Not moved at all by the crys and screams. The more time I spend in hospitals d more I realize that as a doctor crying and screaming means nothing, when usually it should be a call for help. I watch and observe doctors ignore this call and I myself follow suit or at least I try. I must admit it's hard for me but I'm learning.  
During my surgery practise one day, I went into the theater and there was a young lady lying in the corridor crying so loud. I asked a surgeon, whats d case? and he tells me ectopic pregnancy (which we are taught is an emergency and immediate surgery must be done). But oh well here is this patient lying in the corridor crying, yet no seems to be bothered. I looked at her and she's like "help me, I'm dying" ( I can't even imagine the pain she was in). I could have walk off like every other "busy" surgeon around, to be honest I was tempted to but this lady was crying real hard, so I held her hands and smiled at her, and she said "I'm going to die" I told her you will be fine (not knowing), she clamed down down a bit somehow and then I left to go find my team. 
Days later I'm walking in the ward and some woman is greeting me. She must have me confused with someone else, but I smile and say hi to, "don't u remember me 'doctor' (head swells) from the Theater?" she said, immediately I remembered, she was d the lady I told "you will be fine" thank goodness she was. She goes on to add "thank you so much". Oh my the joy that went through me as the doctors on my team just stared, thinking to their selves what could a medical student possibly have done, to make this patient so happy and grateful. Well I was SENSITIVE!

keep smiling, love

Wednesday, 26 January 2011


One thing I really dislike on blogville about blogs I read regularly is inconsistency in posting. You start up a blog, u go hard, mayb update daily and then all of a sudden when things get interesting and there r promises made for interesting post, bam!!! u hear no more from the blogger, you keep checking back and still nothing, so u kinda give up. Then they put u a post apologizing saying they r back, you get excited once again and then still no post. I really hate this. And unfortunately this was exactly what I did. Well I could go on and explain how I have been busy with my practices I'm a doctor you know, studying for exam, working on my thesis, traveling up and down plus the holidays. But this are all excuses we like to give, especially as medics we are always busy. Well part of that is true, I'm not disputing d fact that we so busy. But in my own case its was simply this thing called PROCRASTINATION.

Procrastination is just a form of being lazy. I procrastinated so many things, my applications, my thesis work, blogging, cleaning my apartment, registering in the gym etc. At the end of the day, I find myself in a big mess, confused, stressed and having too much to do at once.

Always tell yourself this DO IT NOW. and DO IT NOW!

Keep smiling, love


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