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Sunday, 18 July 2010

Two weeks in what I would like to call Hell.. Neurology

Seeing that I have been quite absent on blog ville, you will agree with me I've been in hell.. Its been 2 weeks of waking up 6:30am, walking 25-30mins to get to neurology department, morning meetings 8:15am, Ward rounds 9:15am consultations/labs from 11am till 3 or 4pm, call days stay late. go to the library afterward till about 9:30pm, get home around 10pm, so tired can't do anything not even face book. lol. sleep off by 10:30 or 11pm, this has been my week days. And weekends spending my whole time studying morning till late.Plus it like 40degrees here, seriously the heat is killing.

Ask me where is the time for family and friends. I feel like I don't have a life anymore, I feel I am changing into a doctor. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  I don't want this kind of life. I want a life where I have time for my family and friends (I have lots of unanswered mails) and time for me. Keeps me wondering is this what life as a doctor entails??? Because If it is well I didn't sign up for this. If I knew no way I would be here. But we're doing this to save lives, or at least so they say.

Well let me gist you of what life in the Neurology ward is like. 1st of all you have to know that the majority of the patients are elderly people. And the commonest condition I've seen is Stroke.

Some few words about stroke: well stroke, know as cerebrovascular disease is a disease of circulation in which blood flow to the brain is decrease or stopped and since blood carries nutrients to the brain a decrease in  flow or cessation of flow will cause decrease function of brain or death of brain and is the reasons for all the symptoms we see. While age is the most common risk factor there are many other risk factors.The old adage we all know PREVENTION IS BETTER THAT CURE, stands so true for stroke. Knowing this risk factors and preventing them will be of great benefit to you and reduce the risk of developing stroke. Some of the risk factors include smoking, diabetics, gender (women, we are at a greater risk, well I know we can't prevent being female but since we know we stand a greater chance why don't we take extra precaution like hitting the gym, eating healthy and so on), cardiac diseases, drug abuse (cocaine), family history, alcohol, obesity, hypertension, heyperlipdemia, oral contraceptives.. the list goes on.

Oh got carried away talking about stroke, other conditions I have seen includes: Parkinson, MS, some cases as mild as headache, tumors so many other stuffs. I even had the opportunity on one of my calls to watch the examination of a patient confirming brain death, tests to perform, the protocol and calling time of death. 1st time in this kind of situation. What can I say, I'm learning, I'm learning each day each day.

Its time for me to do another Feature, anyone interested, Hit me up,

Keep smiling guys, positive energy takes you far. Much love


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