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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Milo's story

Milo was fertilized in a glass (what medics call an IVF, in vitro fertilization) unlike most of us who are fertilized in a human, our biological mothers uterus. He was put back into his mom and again unlike most of us Milo didn't spend the complete number of weeks in his mum uterus, he was born really premature. Being  born premature means you are not fully fit to survive outside the uterus. The major problem prematures face is underdeveloped lungs (there lungs will just collapse when they exhale), usually steroids are given to help, well in Milo case not only were his lungs underdeveloped but his heart also. He was born with a heart defect. While most children born with heart defect undergo surgery after 3 months or so, Milo was not fit for surgery because he was too little. He was placed on steroids and everyone hoped. The doctors looked at Milo and believed he wasn't gonna survive. But Milo the wonder child survived till he was fit for surgery. He underwent surgery, and everyone, friends, family and doctor were glad the battle for life was won!
But they were wrong, Milo had another heart defect that required he go in for surgery again. This time no doctor wanted to cut open this poor kid. Let him enjoy what was left of life pain free. But it was the strength Milo showed that allowed the bravest of cardiologist take him in for surgery. The surgery went well, once again Milo had beaten the odds.
To everyones disappointment, Milo was still so sick, his heart wasn't supplying his body with enough blood. The brain which is very sensitive to low oxygen will also under develop, meaning if Milo survived  this time he will have a very poor IQ. A check was done and it was discovered that Milo needed a corrective surgery because one of his previous surgery hadn't gone as well. Milo will not survive this!!

Fast foward to 3 years later. I'm standing in the cardiology examination room of pediatic really getting tired and fustrated at all the crying kids who come in. Who knew peds could be this annoying. I'm about to tell my tutor I feel sick, so I can get the hell out of there. The door opens and I see one of the most active, happy kid walk in ahead of his parents, he greets everyone one in the room, and the immediately the mood in the room changes. His mom places him on the examination bed, he looks around at each of us and smiles. He then looks at the doctor and says I've HAD  heart problems, still with a smile on his face. Milo had survive, 3 years later with no complications and the perfect IQ for his age. He is indeed a wonder and a story worth sharing. Even my tutor despite being with Milo in his years of struggle and good health is still amaze as he tells me Milo's story. He didn't believe Milo would survive, no one actually believed not even his parents. Milo is healthy and doing fine and comes back regularly for check ups. He is the wonder kid, who's spirit inspires me.

"The power of the human spirit is to rise up when faced with adversity and as we rise.... we have a responsibility to bring others along with us".

keep smiling, love

Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentines Day!!

A cliché post I know. But all the same, I'll say it Happy Valentines day. Whether you are spending the day with someone special or alone, Doing something special or doing something very boring ( I spent mine in pediatrics with crying children), I hope its a FABULOUS day for us all and the message of love is spread out more in the world.

While its lovers day let me draw your attention to my giving back page here, love is giving right!

Happy Valentines day people.

Keep smiling, love


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