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Saturday, 14 August 2010

Time off

What do you do when you have some time off those medical books? ?
I went on a road trip with some of my friends. We went to a nearby city about 19km from debrecen, Hadjuszoboszlo. They have one of the largest mineral water spa in Europe, and an awesome water park. I had an amazing time, went on all the rides in the park. I was like a 12yr old kid today, had a blast!!!

my friends

I really needed this in my life right now. Needed to get away from all this medicine stuffs and the city that reminds me of it all ;-)). 

The journey still continues. it must continue :-)


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Thursday, 12 August 2010

Done with Neurology

It was four weeks of hell in practice and studying, one week of full on studying like crazy, one day of the most intense exam I have ever done, 3 days post of constant sleep and I am finally done WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO. But let me just say this I did learn a lot, about myself, about different places in the world and most of all I learnt neurology. Also I grew as a person, during this four weeks, made new friends and had a blast. My exam was a big success, *grateful!!!

I mention that I learnt a lot about different places in the world. Well during Neurology practise it wasn't all neuro. Each one of us doing the practise were given a research paper to present each moring during the morning meetings and also after your presentation you had to talk about were
you are from. It could be about places in your city, festivals, the food, the culture just any thing. And my Uni being one of the most international uni's I know, trust me it was 4 week of learning a lot from different places.

Here are some pictures I presented from Nigeria..

Yankari game reserve 

Calabar festival

Argungu fishing festival

 that's a pic of  my friend and I

Now on to the next rotation which is surgery. Will be doing two weeks of surgery in debrecen and four weeks in the UK. I'm excited and ready for the new challenges as I would be stepping out of my comfort zone, which is being here in debrecen, where I have been for over five years, to a totally new environment. Would I be welcomed? Would the people be nice? would I be able to handle life in a big city?  would I enjoy my time there? most of all would I learn? Stay with me on this Blog to find out. I promise much more blogging and pictures too, if I can.

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