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Sunday, 12 September 2010

Internal Medicine

Finished two weeks of Internal Medicine here, still have 8 more weeks (oh boy), but not here in debrecen I need some English place, lol.
Speaking of English internal medicine was hard enough in the sense that, the ONLY day I had the opportunity to do anything in my two weeks there, I was given two patients to take their history and do a physical examination. Its like communicating with the deaf. These patients spoke no English, when I say no English I mean no, not a little English, but none at all. And since I am not so good in Hungarian myself and had no translator (as I did in other rotations) it was hard. But some how the Job was done with much difficulty. It was also so frustrating that I didn't understand everything they had to say. One of the patients even had so much to say. Now even if I didn't need the long story to write out a complete history. Its just nice to be able to listen and UNDERSTAND what someone is saying to you. I mean there is a reason they are telling u what they are saying right?
Like I have warned in a previous post, If you wanna study medicine, please go somewhere you understand the language and if you are like me, already stucked in a country u don't speak d language, make every effort to learn the language before your clinical years. If you are even more like me, and its already too late, suck it up, wear a smile on your face and learn how to make signs and facial expression work for u to understand. Because one important thing I have learnt in the years in medical school COMMUNICATION is key. I need not say more.

Well, well that has pretty much been my week. Working more on my thesis now. So might not be blogging as much in the next two weeks, but u never know something might strike, so stick with me on this journey.



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