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Friday, 25 November 2011


Hey there, been a minute,

Well I just found this interview I did a while back for It's always nice to see this old posts cos sometimes they remind you of certain goals you set for yourself, it grounds you to stay true to who you are.

Check it out

live, laugh, love and let go my dear readers. xox


Myne Whitman said...

Been a while, hope you're doing good?

Hirra said...

Hey, yes it has been. I'm doing great!

Adiya said...

Hey! Good one. Glad to see you back here :D

Muse Origins

lindylu44 said...

I love how your blog and your writing is progressing. You're fast becoming one of my favorite doctor blogs. I can't help but notice how many of my readers are clicking through to your blog. Would you mind adding me to your blog list?


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