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Monday, 31 May 2010

Creative Therapy

My dear friends, Becoming a doctor, My journey has begone........As you all know, or most of you know, I started my practice today in Psychiatry here in Debrecen, its a four week practice.

Creative therapy is a form of therapy aimed at processing negative emotions, or inspiring behavioral and mental change or healing through expression. In lay English it is a form of therapy to make people happy or at least attempt to. it is a different approach to counselling and therapy. I was privileged to attend a session today with co student doctors and patients. We took part in it and was really fun. I made some really cool stuffs..

making a flower..

tadaaaaaaa done.

making a beads chain
and rocking it!!!

One of the things we learn in medicine is to always show empathy, that is to feel what the patient is feeling. I think to make a great doctor you have to fit yourself in the patients shoe, feel what they are feeling, before you act. I kinda learnt that today, we were put in the position of patients today, sat with them round a table, carried out the same task as them, some of the patient even helped us a bit (obviously they were better than us in this). Doing the same things as these patient, put me in their shoes. I went through what they went through during these sessions, I had the same experience as these patients, I was a Patient today. which was very insightful. If I didn't sit with those patients today, I would normally pass and just think oh poor people, look how they are treating them like kids, making them make silly beautiful paper flower. Today that thought changed.
Me and my mates were just laughing all through, we all kept seeing this is good therapy for me, this is good therapy for me. When we got done we were all so proud of our work. We felt we archived something.
I left the session today feeling so happy (I definitely will be going back often). I can now say, this is a great therapy, I have experienced the happiness it brings and would recommend it to patients who need it. Now I know I am not just subjecting some depressed patient to go do some silly things. I mean look at us, final year medical students, doing stuffs that 5 year olds would normally do but we didn't feel silly one bit, instead we felt alive, happy and excited. So why not recommend it, if thats what it takes a depresses patient to smile, or a mentally retard patient to build an IQ, or a manic person to calm down, or a schizophrenic to think.

In general being creative does keep us 'alive', happy, excited..... so get creative. I have a lot of friends who keep telling all the time, am bored, get creative then, learn how to do some thing new once in a while. It helps.

Whoever said doctor's don't have fun, obviously never went for a creative therapy session. look at us we had a blast today.. ha ha. First day was conquered, and am glad.


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Jaycee said...

Before you understand someone you have to walk a thousand miles in their shoes, or so that quote says. I feel u.

Viajera said...

Congrats on this achievement! And thanks for explaining what creative therapy is. Always wondered.

tracy said...

When the student nurses came to the psych unit, they were always fun...especially when we played "Fleelings Jenga" or just talked or they did a class...they were great. (I think they got less scared...ha, ha!) i am glad you did those crafts...that was kind of you and now you can get a little idea of whay "it" feels like.....

tracy said...

Feelings...that is. We never had Med students..
Wow. That makes it sound like i was there all the time. Blerg.
Thank you for your e-mail :)

ARJUN said...

nice post ..even i wanna be a psychiatrist myself..i m studyin in an Indian medical school

fabladyH said...

psy is a good one. how is india?

ARJUN said...

but i fear psy patients i have seen them in many movies..some r dangerous too!!
im doin MBBS here
India is an awesome country...people are full of love n Doctors are given a lot of respect..villagers treat doctors no less than god!!..and how is there?
it was pleasant gettin your reply :-)

fabladyH said...

yeah, me to sometimes scared of psy patients.
good to hear the doctors give a lot of respect. India is a lovely place, hope to visit someday.
Its ok here, the language barrier is a great deal but is a nice and quite place. not as nice as India

ARJUN said...

Ma'am can you pls be kind enough to tell me the good books i need to study for psychiatry to get it in undergraduate'am i am a 2nd year student and psy. is final year subject my holidays are coming and i am keen on takin psy. this holiday....pls guide me maam.

fabladyH said...

well I can't really make recommendations, since i haven't read so many psy text book, but I can tell u the recommended one here is, kaplan & Sadock's CLINICAL PSYCHIATRY... It what I use most of the time and its really good.

ARJUN said...



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