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Sunday, 25 July 2010

One Week in the ICU

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Just spent the past week in the intensive care unit in neurology. It was a heck of a week. So many ups and downs. But I survived it. What doesn't break you only makes you stronger, I guess.

Well I'll start with the Ups. We were all given patients on the first day in the ICU. We had to follow up their daily progress or decline..  I had a female patient and long story short by day four she was transferred to the female ward. This means she improved. Was so cool to be given your own patient and basically follow up. Everyday you walk into the ward with so much hope, hopping that your patient  has improved, and it gladden my heart when day in, each day I watched her improve. I can only Imagine how doctors feel when there patients get better. Trust me its one of the best feelings in the world.

I've also had so many downs this past week. I just got so fed up of everything that I just wanted to pack my things, quit and leave. I had, had enough of all the stress of reading (and not remembering most of what I read). It hasn't been easy juggling practice and reading.
On the other hand while my patient got better I also watch so many other patients deteriorate or show no improvement. It was too much dealing with this emotionally, having so much sympathy. Which I am not supposed to as a doctor. show empathy but not sympathy, that's the rule. But on the other hand I am human and I can't always numb my feelings.
Also dealing with being away from home. I miss my family so much and this is my first summer away from home ever. And since I had no break between my fifth year and beginning my 6th year I am physically exhausted. Plus the heat is blazing here.. wow!!!!

Well I had to deal with all this this past week. and It has been one of my most trying weeks yet in this Journey. But I'm still going, still pushing. If it takes hard work to get to the finish line then I'm gonna work hard.

I start my final week in Neuro tomorrow. I know its gonna be a less stressful week as I have completed all of my obligatory duties, ha ha. So more time to study. It also means  my exams are coming soon,

Keep smiling and always stay positive, love

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Myne Whitman said...

Good luck in your forthcoming exams. Your neurology duties reminds me of someone I know who has a herniated lumbar disc. It could lead to acute respiratory distress right?


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