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Sunday, 5 September 2010

Eeekk its September

But really where has the year gone to??? Can't believe its already September. I know its kinda late but happy new month to all my lovely readers and you knows that comes with wishing you all the best this month has to offer.
Ooooh so its good bye summer. Bring on fall. And guess what 10 months or less to become a doctor, yippeee!!!

I know I should have posted update about my first week in internal medicine, but I have done nothing this week. Showed up to the hospital everyday but it seems no one has time for us. Oh well I'll see how this week goes.
By the way I changed my thesis topics, no longer writing on Children with HIV/AIDS as I previously mentioned. I'm now writing on some much complex topic in neurology. will let you in on it pretty soon.

Well thats all with me. will in check in during the week if anything interesting comes up, till then have a lovely week, and remember to keep smiling.



Jaycee said...

10 weeks or less. How truly exciting. Really happy for you, and yeah HAPPY NEW MONTH. It's only five days into the month, not too late *grins*

Nonso said...

Happy new month to you too. 10 months. That's great!

Taciturn Turned Talkative

Suzanne Brume said...

Happy new month babe.
Yay! 10 months. so you have any plans for what happens next?

dew said...

happy new month!!!
Praying for you to have the best these remaining months...
twas nice meeting you :)

Myne Whitman said...

Yes o, time and tides don't wait for us, lol...Dec is just around the corner.

Hirra said...

thank you so much dears..
@suzanne no plans

Dee O. said...

WOW! I find it so admirable that you are so determined and focused on your future career! Good luck in all of your future endeavors!!! :)

feel free to check out my blog:

Hirra said...

thanks dee.


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