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Sunday, 4 July 2010

The Psychiatry Ward 2

Sorry for my absence, Its been an awful two weeks of intense studying for my psych final, studied for the whole time while doing my rotation plus an extra week which was five weeks in total, but the last two weeks were something else, especially the last one, I almost became a psych patient myself. But I'm glad to say it went really great, wooohooo, so this chapter of my life is over.. now that we've gotten this out of the way, lets talk about the much anticipated time I spent in the acute psych ward..

As some of you know, I did my 1st 2 weeks in the chronic ward.. The last two was in the acute ward, and it was a hell of an experience, waay much fun than the chronic ward. Why was this?

Well I got to work with some awesome doctors, who were so ready to teach and answer our never ending questions (some of which am sure were really silly, but they will alway still answer), and were very helpful in our preparation for the exam. Any medical inter will agree with me that one of the best thing that can happen to you during your internship years, is working under friendly, nice, willing to teach doctors. This made time there worth while..

And secondly of course were the patients.. Boy, they were the funniest, craziest, cheerfullest, friendliest (ha.. so many adjectives there) patients one can ever come across. We had patients who were always egger to see us and greeted so cheerfully every morning. On one occasion a patient made drawings for the doctors, with their names and all that on ever smiling patients, having the weirdest, funniest things to say. Some who had to be convinced everyday to stay, and each day was the same "I want to go home", "oh you have to stay" conversation between doctor and patient. Some who just didn't even care you were there, just sat with an I-don't-care attitude and look at the doctors like, what now (some serious swagger in the psych ward). some who didn't think they should be there, and some who had no idea where the hell they where or even what year they were in.

Let me tell you how my last day went. We were done and just waiting to get our stamps of approval, when this patient came and started singing to us, was nice at first and we smiled and thanked her, but she wouldn't stop. She kept following us and singing and before we realized it, we were the center of attention in the ward. Seriously |I felt like a bait because most of the patient had come around us by now, just staring at us (as If the circus had come to the ward), asking if we liked Hungarian songs? if we understood the song? if we needed translation?..... short of the story we had to run away from the ward without our stamp, but this meant we must still And on returning same thing happened, this patient was back to us, singing, singing, thank God not long after we found our tutor, got our stamps and were out of there ever, phew!!!!

The psych ward is really a place that once you have been there, its an experience you will never forget, something you will talk about for a long time, with laughter, pity, sadness, confusion. One of my readers Sting left me this comment,
"I have learned a whole lot from working there, about life and mostly about myself. You are able to put things in a totally different perspective."

I realized that a lot of movies are based on psychiatry conditions. That really help me when I was I will think of a movie I have see with the same condition, to get a clearer picture about what I am studying.. Speaking of movies, I remember all the movies I have watched that when a patient starts acting out beyond control, the doctors will sedate the patient and put them in an isolation room.. Well the fist day I saw some one in an isolation room, something hit me so hard.. can't place my finger on what it was, but let me say it was pity. I couldn't get the sad picture out of my head.. My God this is like being in prison for what? being ill... Well what has to be done must be done, I guess and thats the way it works.. It was just a sad site to me, couldn't take it. That's why am not built for this job. Although with time I didn't get the same trow back as the first. That's the thing I realized about Medicine, many ppl say oh I can never do it there is soo much blood involved, too much sad things like death.. Well no human in their right frame of mind likes any of these things. But with time you just get stronger (not harden) to handle it. I use to tell people, Its like learning to walk, as a child u are terrified to just get up and walk, so u begin with dragging yourself on the ground, then crawling and then with the support of some one u begin to walk, and just one day you dare to walk on your own and you even run. Don't push it give yourself time, appreciating at the same time your strength and weakness.

Well more to come about my time in the psych ward, don't want to over load this post.. lol

Its time for me to do another Feature, anyone interested, Hit me up,

keep smiling, love


Myne Whitman said...

I can imagine how you felt with seeing mentally ill patients and especially when they have to be isolated. As per hollywood movies, have you seen Shutter Island? Great psychological thriller.

NBB said...

welldone doc. sure ure having a great time


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