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Monday, 24 May 2010

Save the Children - Every One

"This message is from fabladyH,

Hi blog readers, I just thought I'd tell you about something I've seen that I really like. Maybe something to give you some inspiration for gifts for your loved ones.

It's a Save The Children website called Wish List. Basically, you buy a gift to someone and instead of it being sent to them, Save the Children sends it to a child and their family who really needs it. You can buy anything from footballs to medical kits and even a whole classroom that provides 30 children with the chance to go to school!

Come on guys lets make children's day special for a child. I have already made a child's wish so go make yours and put a smile on there face.

Click on to see for yourself."

Also I set up a fund raising page for save the children, pls visit and don't hesitate to give when ever you can

Keep smiling, love,
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Myne Whitman said...

This is really good of you Fablady, I will make a wish and also give on yours when I can.

ps, I'll like to request to be featured on your blog. I've been nominated for the NBA and need all the votes I can, lol. A link to the NBA blog will be appreciated too. Thanks a lot!

fabladyH said...

Thanks a lot..

of course will feature u, funny enuff i had you in mind. how can i not after reading a heart to mend :-).


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