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Friday, 28 May 2010

Happy Children's Day

Today is children day in Nigeria. (International children's day is June 1st) So this is to say happy Children's day, to all the wonderful and lovely kids out there. As some of you know, I decided that we should do something special for children this special days, especially those that are less privileged. Check it out here. Please try and make it a special day for a child, it would mean a lot to them.

I opened a fund raising page for save the children too here is my story:

I have watched and seen so many children, not have the opportunities I have had, and it brings tears to my eyes seeing children have to live like this. so this is my chance to start doing something for this less privilege children.

Just Imagine a child going to bed at night with no food...

I dedicate this page to everyone who loves to give and help others, thank you.

Thank you for Helping me and save the children put smiles on Children's faces around the world and change their lives.

As you donate, you give them better opportunities, you give them chances to a better life. They are the future for change, so a very big thank you for helping the future

keep giving,
love always .

My first feature is up check it out here. And the Nigerian blog awards voting will begin soon, so be sure to head over and vote, I put a link on my side bar.

Where ever you find yourself is a community, be it on blogs-ville, a small village or a big city. Build your community however you can, network and make your voice heard.

keep smiling, love
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Myne Whitman said...

Thanks for the feature dearie, and happy children's day to you too.

F said...

I think the feature was quite good- It's a fantastic idea to build connections and get to know each other in such a cool way. Your post about HIV/AIDS was quite enlightenign as well. I feel myself falling in love with your blog o... HELP! :)

fabladyH said...

@ myne ur most welcomed, it was a pleasure.
@ F thanks a lot dear..


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