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Friday, 21 May 2010

Up and Running

Hey, guys welcome, a very big thank you to all those who have already stopped by.
This blog is now up and running, I will try and update as much as possible and make sure it isn't boring, even thou it is kinda a medical blog (this kind of blogs can be boring).
Be sure to browse through from the tabs on top. Just to highlight, that I will be doing a lot of features, so keep your entries coming..

Let me Introduce myself a bit am Hirra, a Nigerian and a Gemini, Flexible and communicative yet restless and indecisive, dual nature and very versatile. I study At the university of Debrecen, Hungary.

So I start My 6th year (final year) on the 31st of may which unfortunately happens to be my birthday. but its alright thats fine.
Here is an idea of what my final year entails:

Internal Medicine, 10 wks
Pediatrics, 7 wks
Surgery, 5 wks in
Neurology, 4 wks
Psychiatry, 4 wks
Obstetrics and Gynecology, 5 wks

In the mean time before I start my practice am gonna start working on my thesis, Am writing on Children living with HIV/AIDS. so be expecting to get some more insight into that. With that in mind children's day is coming soon, (27th of may). Would like to do something special on that day, I have no Idea yet, so If you have an idea send them here, would really appreciate it, especially if it is related to HIV/AIDS. Would be on the look out too, be expecting a post on that in the next couple of days and please if it requires your help, do fall through.

Once again welcome to this blog.

keep smiling. love

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kamizee said...

medical blogs dont have to be boring! or is grey's anatomy all a big deception? :0 hehe, update regularly and i'll read regularly :)

kamizee said...

actually i've changed my mind. i refuse to read the blog of a chelsea Fan. ;)

fabladyH said...

ha ha, u must keep coming back. x

Jaycee said...

I like your Thesis topic. As much as I don't want to think about it, *sigh* it's good to know what their lives are like.

Smartyyy doc!

fabladyH said...

ha ha, thanks..

F said...

WOW... One of my friends goes to that uni and she studies medicine... She is a lowly first year like myself though, so your royal highness might not know her... Looking forward to reading more of your stuff. :)

fabladyH said...

Really, thats nice. 1st year isn't lowly at all babe. x

Eyitemi Egwuenu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Eyitemi Egwuenu said...

Welcome to blogsville Hirra. Final year is quite interesting - so many things to do but it can still be fun because usually by now, you have adequately gauged your stregths and weaknesses and would know how to apply yourself.

Welcome, once more.

Eyitemi Egwuenu said...

My apologies Hirra, I erroneously presumed that you were new on blogsville until I saw the hyperlink to "kaleidoscope". You have been here longer than I have been!!!


fabladyH said...

thanks a lot eyitemi..


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